Dear co-investors, partners, colleagues and friends,

2017 has seen us significantly expand our partnership geography, invest in more than 20 companies introducing our foreign partners to opportunities in new sectors. Today, the investments of RDIF and its foreign co-investors account for over 90% of the total private equity investments in Russia.

Kirill Dmitriev
Chief Executive Officer;
Chairman of the Management Board of RDIF

RDIF strategy is based upon six pillars, which in the current economic environment are especially important. These pillars are improving the quality of life for Russian citizens, the construction of modern infrastructure, the development of Russia’s regions, the improvement of enterprise efficiency, technological development, providing incentives for the import substitution and harnessing the export potential of Russian business.

Since the creation of the Fund, we, together with our partners have invested and approved over 1.2 trillion rubles for these purposes. RDIF portfolio companies employ more than 700,000 people, and generate revenues which equate to more than 5% of Russia’s GDP, while their tax and social contributions amount to billions of rubles.

Throughout this year, the RDIF team has actively worked to increase investment in technology. As a result, by the end of the year, over 50% of all investments in the Russian technology sector were made by RDIF and its partners.

RDIF, together with its partners, has already invested in projects that will ensure Russia is a leader in the digital economy. Specifically investments in telemedicine and internet infrastructure development projects. Over the next few years, our co-investments will be the key driver for the country’s transition to a sustainable growth trajectory and to achieve the investment and technological breakthroughs mentioned in the President’s Address to the Federal Assembly.

Foreign partners with strategic perspective see RDIF as one of the key players engaged in direct investment on the global stage. The unique partnership network and co-investment model created by RDIF have already become an example for many other sovereign funds. What remains unchanged is our commitment to the principles of profitability and positive return on investment.

New agreements to invest in large-scale infrastructure projects of national importance, such as the construction of the Central Ring Road sections and the bypass of Kutuzovsky Prospekt in Moscow, strengthened the Fund’s positions as one of Russia’s key infrastructure investor. Together with our partners, we are ready to secure over 10 trillion rubles in infrastructure investments. Today, one of ten air passengers in Russia flies through an airport that benefits from investment from RDIF and its partners.

I would like to express my gratitude to our foreign and Russian partners, the management and all employees of portfolio companies, employees of the Fund for their productive team work and invite new investors to take part in writing Russia’s success story.

Thank you for your trust.

Kirill Dmitriev