Dear co-investors, partners, colleagues and friends,

RDIF was awarded the status of a sovereign wealth fund of the Russian Federation in 2016, demonstrating its ability to make successful and profiable deals, as well as being a mechanism for attracting long-term foreign capital into the Russian economy in a systemic way.

Kirill Dmitriev
Chief Executive Officer;
Chairman of the Management Board of RDIF

Since 2011, RDIF has invested and approved for these purposes more than 1 trillion rubles, of which more than 100 billion rubles was the Fund’s own money and over 900 billion rubles was raised from co-investors, partners and banks.

The Fund has attracted long-term foreign capital investments totaling more than $30 billion into the Russian economy. For the fist time, sovereign and institutional investors came to Russia, ready to invest signifiant funds in a wide range of industries, including infrastructure, healthcare, and agriculture. We have concluded more than 45 deals, and our portfolio companies include the most promising and outstanding businesses in Russia.

Today, the world is developing exceptionally fast, and as countries search for new sources of economic growth, sovereign wealth funds play a signifiant role in this process. Their market approach and strategic nature of investment are aimed at developing the production and infrastructure base, and increasing the effiiency of national economies.

Russia relies on economic growth through investments, including foreign ones. The country’s openness to global investors is an important strategic decision of the country’s leadership, which has proved its effectiveness.

Since the founding of RDIF six years ago, we have come a long way, and today the Fund is an effective and functional tool for co-investment on a global scale, and a reliable partner for international investors in Russia.

We set ourselves the task of helping foreign partners to actively share their successful experiences in Russia. Our joint investments already cover more than 95% of the country’s regions. Therefore, it is important for us to ensure regional development through quality investment projects.

Correctly built investment fiters, the incentive-based business attitude and responsibility for growth largely determine the success of the projects being implemented today. Positive dynamics of the RDIF portfolio and profiability of our investments are appreciated by investors who already work in Russia, and those who are just preparing for it. We will continue to offer our partners even higher quality co-investment tools based on their strategies and objectives. We will continue to attract the world’s best investors into Russian companies, forming a new quality business environment in Russia and contributing to the growth and prosperity of our country.

Thank you for your trust and cooperation with RDIF.