Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) is the only fund in Russia which operates on the basis of the co-investment model and works with leading global investors. The RDIF team has built the Fund's reputation as a reliable partner and successful investment institution.

The members of the RDIF team have already proven themselves as qualified professionals meeting the highest international standards. Their capacity to surpass even the most demanding expectations, constantly strive to improve, and achieve the best results is what distinguishes our employees.

Our team faces new challenges every day working on complex high profile projects. This is why RDIF constantly invests in staff development since are the driving force behind the Fund.

Alexei Petrov
Director of HR Department

"RDIF has become one of the most recognizable and, to be frank, prestigious brands in the labor market, both in Russia and abroad"

RDIF has achieved impressive results, having built the leading position in Russia and having gained global reputation of a world-class partner for international investors. RDIF, being a Sovereign Wealth Fund of the Russian Federation, has become one of the major players among world's sovereign wealth funds.

Numerous factors have contributed to its success, but the cornerstone has always been the people.

Every member of our team, from administrative staff to our CEO, contributes to the driving force that ensures the results are delivered, enriching standard processes with drive, team spirit, extra step approach and permanent aspiration to be the first, the best and unreachable for competitors.

This is what makes our people special. We as a team are guided by our values — high business ethics, responsibility for tasks we are entrusted with and commitment to delivering results.

The competitive environment with many economic and political challenges, and ownership for the complex and impressive large-scale RDIF projects have become an integral part of our workflow which keeps our employees highly committed to what they do. While having high performance expectations, RDIF in return continuously invests in people`s development, professional growth and training.

RDIF has established a reputation of one of the most well-known and prestigious employee brands in Russia and abroad. Despite being aware that working with RDIF is challenging in terms of complexity and volume, professionals and graduates of Russian and foreign universities seek to join our team.

Being a member of RDIF’s team means sharing our values, working as a team player, stepping out of your comfort zone and deriving satisfaction from the process as such. The initiative and commitment to results are the key elements of success, career development and overall well-being.