RDIF Values

RDIF was set up by the Russian government with a unique mandate to act as the catalyst for attracting foreign direct investment, talent and technologies into Russia while making profitable investments. Our key aim is to foster growth and modernization throughout the Russian economy.

Our values are at the heart of our strategy and operations. We strive to follow the highest professional and ethical standards. We develop relationships built on trust with our partners and offer them unique investment opportunities. We are always ready to go the extra mile to achieve the best results in our challenging work. RDIF offers an unparalleled work environment, providing dedicated and passionate employees with a chance to thrive and grow.

Taking an extra step when the job seems done is what helps us always achieve the best results.


Vice President
Investment Team

Every employee can influence the final result of the company. RDIF employees are always ready to make an extra step, which in the end helps the Fund achieve the best results. Extra step is RDIF’s core value shared by each member of our team.

We are driven by results and continuously focus on strong performance.


Investment Department

Maintaining a sharp focus on the end goal is critical to success at RDIF. While we value the process, we are assessed on the results we deliver – both as individuals and as the organization as a whole.

We always deliver on our promises.


Vice President
Investment Department

We are devoted to what we do and committed to our partners. We seek to drive confidence in the Russian market among the international business community. Responsibility is one of our key values.

Our team is comprised of highly respected professionals who are leaders in their field, but what makes us strong is being one team.


Deputy Director
Government Relations

At RDIF, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of professional excellence, no matter the task. Exercising the utmost, multi-faceted professionalism is therefore of paramount importance. Every employee is the part of the united team and together we achieve the best results. Ultimately, we take ownership of our work and pride in what we do, and we continue to learn every day.

We strive to maintain the highest ethical standards.


Vice President
Legal Department

The RDIF team expects honesty and reliability from every employee, both in terms of performance of their professional duties and communication with colleagues and investment partners. We try to serve as an example to each other in terms of ethics and high standards of work. These values are particularly important bearing in mind that RDIF team is “the face of Russia” for foreign investors looking at Russia as an investment destination.

We strive to continuously develop, improve processes and adopt best practices.


Senior Associate
Investment Department

One of the best aspects of working at the RDIF investment team is the considerable opportunity for self-improvement and professional growth. The Fund invests a lot in the professional development of each member of the team and provides every employee with a unique opportunity to become a top-notch investment professional.

Effective communication is paramount to achieving our goals.


Chief of Staff

The way we speak, write and behave at and outside the Fund is vitally important for each employee and the company as a whole. RDIF represents Russia in the world, and the whole world in Russia. Every employee keeps developing communication skills taking into account cultural, country and regional specifics of our partners. This makes working at RDIF really exciting as we are constantly learning something new.