Belarus First Country Outside Russia to Register Sputnik V Vaccine Against COVID-19

Sputnik, 21.12.2020

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Belarus has become the first foreign country to register Russia's Sputnik V vaccine against the coronavirus, the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) said Monday.

"The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), Russia’s sovereign wealth fund, announces that Sputnik V, the Russian vaccine against coronavirus, has been registered by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus. Thus Belarus has become the first foreign country to officially register the vaccine", the sovereign wealth fund said in a press release.

Belarus began vaccinating volunteers on 1 October as part of Sputnik V clinical trials. In addition, Minsk took into account the data from the Phase III clinical trials of the vaccine in Russia, which demonstrated that the vaccine has the efficacy rate of 91.4 percent.

Sputnik V is the pioneer vaccine against the coronavirus – Russia officially registered it on 11 August. The vaccine, which is a two-component treatment based on the human adenovirus, is currently completing phase 3 clinical trials.