Russian Sovereign Wealth Fund, ChemRar Group Double Production of Covid-19 Drug Avifavir

Sputnik, 30.11.2020

MOSCOW, November 30 (Sputnik) - Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) and ChemRar Group are doubling the production of Avifavir, a drug for Covid-19 treatment, and adding two new production sites, the sovereign wealth fund said Monday in a press release.

"The Russian Direct Investment Fund, (RDIF) Russia’s sovereign wealth fund, and ChemRar Group announce increased production of Avifavir, the first Russian drug for treating coronavirus. Thanks to the launch of full-scale, rolling 24-hour production by ChemRar output has doubled in November to 200,000 packs per month," the press release read.

Applications for two additional sites were submitted to the Russian Health Ministry on November 25, the fund said.

"Upon permission from the Ministry of Health for additional sites, the production volume could be increased to 400,000 packs of Avifavir per month or more by early 2021, which will allow providing Avafavir to all Russian hospitals and to the foreign partners at a later stage," the press release said.