Russia's RDIF Sees Chances To Produce COVID-19 Medication Avifavir In Cuba

Sputnik, 16.07.2020

MOSCOW, July 16 (Sputnik) - The Russian Direct Investment Funds (RDIF) believes that Avifavir, a Russian medication against coronavirus, could be produced in Cuba, and relevant negotiations are already underway, RDIF CEO Kirill Dmitriev said on Thursday.

"Cuna's pharmaceutical industry is really strong. We maintain contact with our Cuban colleagues, including on our medication Avifavir. We would be happy to see this medication produced in Cuba," Dmitriev told reporters.

RDIF is already in talks with Cuba on sharing technological experience and all the information that is needed so launch Avifavir production in the country, Dmitriev went on to say.

According to the RDIF head, Avifavir may be approved for outpatient administration later in July, after which it could be available in pharmacies by prescription.

RDIF took part in the creation of Avifavir, the medication that received a registration certificate of the Russian Ministry of Health in late May, becoming the world's first favipiravir-based drug approved for treatment of COVID-19.