Russia May Export Avifavir Drug To Treat COVID-19 Abroad, Receives First Orders – RDIF Head

Sputnik, 01.06.2020

MOSCOW, June 1 (Sputnik) - Russia may start exporting its new drug, Avifavir, which has shown a 90 percent effectiveness rate in combating COVID-19, the Russian Direct Investment Fund's (RDIF) CEO, Kirill Dmitriev, said on Monday, adding that it has already received the first orders from the middle East and Latin America.

Last week, the Russian Health Care Ministry approved Avifavir as the first domestic drug for COVID-19 treatment. The medicine is being produced as a joint venture between the RDIF and the ChemRar Group.

The first batches of Avifavir will be sent to Russia's Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare (Roszdravnadzor) in the upcoming week for its approval, while the first deliveries to Russian hospitals are expected to occur on June 11.

"As Russian needs are satisfied, we believe that it will also be possible to export [this medicine] abroad. There is a large number of orders coming from countries in the Middle East and Latin America. Russia can become this drug's exporter," Dmitriev said at a press conference.

The final stage of Avifavir's clinical trials, which involves 330 patients and was approved by the Russian Health Ministry, is still underway.