Statement by the Russian Direct Investment Fund

Press release, 19.05.2020

Moscow, May 19, 2020 - RDIF has facilitated the exchange of humanitarian aid between Russia and the United States to combat coronavirus. In accordance with the final agreement, the Fund fully financed the delivery of Russian cargo to the United States, and the American side financed the delivery of complementary American cargo of 200 ventilators to the Russian Federation.

For many years, RDIF has been a reliable partner for American companies in the Russian market and has always consistently advocated the development of a dialogue between Russia and the USA. Today, such a dialogue is critical to the global fight against coronavirus.

RDIF has stressed that the coronavirus pandemic is a global challenge that can only be overcome through multilateral international cooperation.

Thanks to its international partners, RDIF is now actively involved in the worldwide fight against coronavirus and is well placed to receive the most relevant information on responses to the pandemic. RDIF has also invested in the production of test systems, the Favipiravir drug and medical equipment for combating coronavirus.


RDIF takes active steps to counteract COVID-19:

  • RDIF and partners have launched the production of the unique Russian-Japanese EMG diagnostic system, which generates results in 30 minutes with an accuracy of more than 99.9% in both stationary and unmatched portable mini-laboratories. The Japan Bank for International Cooperation has joined the project through the Russia-Japan Investment Fund. Home-testing for coronavirus has been launched through the partnership with Yandex;
  • RDIF and the ChemRar Group have produced the first batch of Favipiravir, a drug that has proven effective in the treatment of infected patients in China and in clinical trials in Russia. Preparations are currently underway for the industrial production of the drug;
  • RDIF has launched a project to diagnose and detect pneumonia, including that caused by coronavirus, using CT scans combined with the Russian-UAE artificial intelligence (AI) technology developed jointly by Group 42 (G42), RDIF and Medscan Group;
  • RDIF has provided support to the public in observing the lockdown restrictions and self-isolation regime, driving a several-fold increase in telemedicine consultations via the Doctis service, as well as in access and subscriptions to the ivi online media library, delivery of Elementaree meal kits and demand for products and services of other RDIF portfolio companies;
  • The Mother and Child Group, an RDIF's portfolio company, has repurposed its largest clinical hospital Lapino to treat patients with COVID-19 symptoms.
  • RDIF was one of the initiators of the Alliance against coronavirus, which also includes the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RUIE), Yandex, Group and the Rossiya Segodnya international news agency. RDIF is actively involved in key initiatives and charity projects.

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