RDIF announces the granting of approval in France for the use of the Russian-Japanese diagnostic system for COVID-19

Press release, 07.05.2020

Moscow, May 7, 2020 – The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), Russia’s sovereign wealth fund, announces permission has been granted in France for the use of the Russian-Japanese test-system for COVID-19 manufactured by EMG.

The system was tested and certified by France’s Centre National de Référence des Virus des Infections Respiratoires at the Pasteur’s Institute. A report was issued on 5th May authorizing the use of EMG’s mobile mini-laboratories and reagents in France. As a result, France has become the first European country to approve the use of EMG’s mobile mini-laboratories. Austria had earlier granted permission to use EMG’s reagents in PCR-laboratories.

MSE Group, which represents EMG in Europe, has officially started helping major companies in France carry out testing their staff. It plans to sell up to 100 mobile mini-labs and carry out up to 500,000 tests in France in the next couple of months.

Currently MSE Group is in talks with companies from the pharmaceutical sector and the services sector (whose operations require employees to visit customers’ homes) as well as with laboratories to increase the scale of testing in France.

Orange Marine, a subsidiary of French telecoms company Orange, became MSE Group’s first customer, ordering 12 EMG mobile mini-labs. Orange Marine specializes in laying submarine communications cables and maintenance of existing cables worldwide. It is one of the global leaders in this sector.

Orange Marine sends crews to sea for several weeks at a time so it is important to ensure staff is not infected with COVID-19 before they embark. EMG’s tests are helping to maintain the timely testing of employees and ensure the safety and continuity of their work.

EMG’s test systems have been adapted both for stationary laboratories and the unique portable mini-laboratories (the size of 2 small suitcases) that can be used anywhere. Orders have already been placed by 40 leading Russian companies for more than 2 million EMG tests, which are made in Russia. The global demand for EMG tests exceeds 20 million units.

Kirill Dmitriev, CEO of the Russian Direct Investment Fund, said:

“The approval by one of the leading research centers in the world is an additional sign of the quality of the Russian-Japanese system, which has already proven its effectiveness in Russia and the Middle East. Thanks to the use of the system in France, the availability of tests, the speed of obtaining results, and the effectiveness of measures to detect the infected individuals and prevent the spread will all increase. The mobile EMG test systems enable large European corporations to continue their operations during the pandemic while preserving jobs.”


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