RDIF Doesn’t See Massive Russian Investment in Aramco: Dmitriev

Bloomberg, 07.11.2019

(Bloomberg) -- Saudi Aramco is a “very attractive, interesting and stable company” to investors, including Russian banks and pension funds, Kirill Dmitriev, head of Russian Direct Investment Fund, tells reporters in Moscow.

• “Talks are underway about the possible amount and way they could invest”

• “We don’t expect massive investments from Russia, because Russia already has a rather large presence in the oil and gas sector and we need to diversify”

RDIF’s Russia-China fund is working on finding Chinese investors for Aramco IPO

NOTE: China Said to Mull at Least $5 Billion Aramco IPO Investment

NOTE: Russian investors are “keen to participate” in Aramco’s IPO, Dmitriev said Oct. 29 in a Bloomberg Television interview in Riyadh