RDIF Head Tells Medvedev About Possible Foreign Investment In Nat'l Projects

Interfax, 19.04.2019

The head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), Kirill Dmitriev, says that investors from Europe, Saudi Arabia, and Asia are interested in Russia's national projects.

"With your support, we'll be working on this very intensively. And our partners are ready to invest in these projects - these are partners from Saudi Arabia, from Asia, from many countries, including European partners," Dmitriev said at a meeting with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

He also discussed projects in various spheres that are already being implemented, including the construction of a relief road for Kutuzovsky Prospect, Central Ring Road-3, and Central Ring Road-4.

As part of the Digital Economy project, Dmitriev said, the RDIF, together with Transneft Telecom, is working on a digital cable-bridge linking Japan and Europe through Russia. "We're investing actively in this project. A Japanese fund is also participating with major funds," Dmitriev said.

Under the Ecology project, the RDIF, together with Rostec and Turkish partners, is investing in trash-recycling and trash-incinerating plans, he said.

"As part of the Healthcare project - this is the chain of clinics Mother and Child and the chain of oncology clinics that we built - we'll now be making a federal chain out of them. Also, together with Turkey's Renaissance Group, we're planning to build 15 multi-functional clinical centers throughout Russia. Also, as part of Housing and Urban Environment, we're implanting a very big technopark: essentially a city-within-a-city will be built at the Tushino Airport," Dmitriev said.