RDIF invests in the development and manufacture of medical robots

Press release, 16.06.2016

Saint Petersburg, June 16, 2016– The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) is delighted to announce that it has today signed an agreement at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, to launch a project to create a Russian Centre for medical robots and develop their industrial production in China.

This significant project was established by Russian scientists from the Institute of Design-Engineering Informatics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IKTI RAS) jointly with the Department of Urology of Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry (MSUMD), with the assistance of Russia’s Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations (FASO). Partners in the project include the SKOLKOVO Foundation and Xixian Fengdong, a Chinese Technopark, as well as Panther Healthcare, which specialises in the research, development, manufacture, and sale of surgical devices and instruments in China.

In conjunction with MSUMD’s Department of Urology, a team from IKTI RAS has developed an innovative concept for surgical robots, which will introduce new solutions to improve control mechanisms and the interaction between robots and surgeons. Under this new design concept, the robots have a number of unique features including being more compact, lighter and able to move with greater precision than existing models available. Production and maintenance costs are also much lower.

The new concept will form the basis of the new Russia-China Centre for Medical Robots. The Centre will be located at the SKOLKOVO Technopark and will focus on scientific research, design work, and software development, as well as the production of technologically complex robot components in Russia.

The next stage of the project will oversee the establishment of these medical robots in China in close cooperation with a number of Chinese partners, including Panther Healthcare as well as other Chinese investors, and medical institutions. Through partnership with the Xixian Fengdong Technopark, a platform will be created in China to facilitate manufacture on an industrial scale with the use of leading Russian technologies and the most efficient production solutions. It will also offer a global sales and maintenance capability.

Kirill Dmitriev, CEO of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF),noted:

“This exciting project in the important field of medical robotics will enable Russia and China to combine their scientific, technological, and industrial expertise. This project is unique, not only in terms of the invention itself, but in building a mechanism for its further development in a significant new market. It is a great example of how leading Russian inventions and technologies can capitalize on an opportunity to enter one of the biggest markets in the world in close cooperation with supportive international partners.”

Viktor Vekselberg, President of the SKOLKOVO Foundation, said:

“Robotic surgery will become one of the main areas of growth in medicine’s hi-tech sector in the next decade. Experts predict that by 2021, that sector will be worth more than $20 billion. At Skolkovo, we have for several years been supporting disruptive projects by Russian engineers and doctors, and those projects have every chance of becoming leaders in this field. We plan for Skolkovo to provide up to 150 million rubles ($2.3 million) in grant financing for the Russian-Chinese centre for medical robots.”


The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) was established in 2011 to make equity investments alongside leading international financial and strategic investors, primarily in Russia. The fund acts as catalyst for direct investment in Russia’s economy. Additional information can be found at: rdif.ru

The SKOLKOVO Foundation is a non-profit organization established at the initiative of Russia’s president in September of 2010 to mobilize Russia's resources in modern applied research through the creation of a favorable environment for R&D in five priority areas of technological development: space, biomedical, nuclear, and computer technologies, as well as energy efficiency. The SKOLKOVO Foundation’s biomedical technologies cluster is engaged in attracting support for the commercialization of innovative projects in the fields of medical and therapeutic treatments; omics technologies and bioinformatics; cellular and tissue therapy; and the development of materials, devices, and components for changing the structure and function, as well as for imaging, biological tissues, organs, and cells. The Foundation’s site can be found at: https://sk.ru

Panther Healthcare represents a fast-growing professional company devoting itself to R&D, manufacture and sales of surgical devices. It was founded in 2002, with a whole founding team of surgical doctors. By offering staplers, hernia fixation products, surgical sutures, surgical devices and surgical equipments applied extensively in general surgery, thoracic surgery, cardiac surgery and gynecology among other areas, Panther Healthcare provides all-round and specialized technical support and service, along with full range of research, production, training, sales network, and standard operations in not only China, but also in 60 different countries all over the world. Panther holds more than 200 patents. Panther Healthcare is now one of the largest surgical product provider in the industry, which went public in May 2016. Additional information can be found at: http://www.pantherhealthcare.com

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