Mongolia registers Sputnik V vaccine - RDIF

Interfax, 09.02.2021

MOSCOW. Feb 9 (Interfax) - The Russian Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine has been registered in Mongolia, the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) said in a statement.

"The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF, Russia's sovereign wealth fund) announces the registration of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine against coronavirus by the Ministry of Health of Mongolia. The vaccine was approved under the emergency use authorization procedure without additional clinical trials in the country," RDIF said on Tuesday.

Mongolia has become the 23rd country to approve the use of the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine. Earlier the vaccine was approved for use in Russia, Belarus, Argentina, Bolivia, Serbia, Algeria, Palestine, Venezuela, Paraguay, Turkmenistan, Hungary, the UAE, Iran, the Republic of Guinea, Tunisia, Armenia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Republika Srpska (an entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina), Lebanon, Myanmar, and Pakistan.

RDIFsaid earlier that the vaccine would be registered in 25 countries by the end of the week.