RDIF plans joint investment with Baring Vostok in month

Prime, 26.04.2019

BEIJING, Apr 26 (PRIME) -- The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) plans to invest jointly with fund Baring Vostok in the technological sphere in a coming month, RDIF CEO Kirill Dmitriev told reporters on Friday.

“Yes, we plan joint investment with Baring, it will happen next month I think. We are finishing work on this deal. I can only say that this deal is in the technological sphere,” he said.

“As I said earlier, we think that Baring will continue active work. As you know, they will discuss possible softening of arrest for the three remaining Baring Vostok employees next Monday, so we will definitely keep an eye on the decision they will make on Monday. Our position has always been that we hope for softening of detention conditions for all Baring Vostok employees.”