Investments into infrastructure in Russia can be over 2 trillion rubles ($31.7 bln) – RDIF

TASS, 02.07.2018

Russia can handle making investments over 2 trillion rubles ($31.7 bln) but a tool is needed making it possible to receive revenues from them. The infrastructure development fund can be such a tool, chief executive of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) Kirill Dmitriev told the NTV Channel in an interview.

"We believe this [investments of 2 trillion rubles ($31.7 bln) - TASS] is appropriate and it can be even higher. The most important is to develop such a tool that will make it possible to invest funds into such projects with revenues. We believe the development fund planned to be set up by the Finance Ministry can be a proper tool, because the government will add a small amount of money into various infrastructural projects - exactly the figure making possible for investors and banks to have minimum revenues when investing into these projects," Dmitriev said.

In such case, "the government will finance projects by 10-15%, rather than by 100%, while investors will contribute and get good returns on their investments," he added.

It was reported earlier the government is setting up an infrastructure development fund. According to authorities, the fund will enable launching key infrastructural projects in the digital economy sphere and support development of small and medium enterprises.