Meeting with Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) CEO Kirill Dmitriev

Official website of the President of the Russian Federation (, 23.07.2014

Mr Dmitriev briefed Vladimir Putin on the Fund’s current activities.

Mr Dmitriev spoke in particular about the Fund’s work in the Far East, plans to finance projects in the logistics, tourism and mining sectors, and plans to build a bridge between Russia and China. 

Mr Dmitriev spoke too about the Fund’s investment in outsourcing. The Fund has already invested in several outsourcing companies and, as Mr Dmitriev reported, is now discussing a number of major projects in this sector with Russian Railways.

Responding to the President’s question about recent activities, Mr Dmitriev said that the Fund raised more than $15 billion from leading world investors in joint funds over the first half of the year and has essentially built very solid partnerships with the leading global funds. He said that most of these partnerships are between sovereign funds. Also, more than $7 billion have been invested in the Russian economy, of which $1.2 billion came from RDIF and more than $6 billion from its investment partners.