RDIF presents the INVEST IN RUSSIA portal developed to attract investment into Russian regions

Press release, 23.06.2014
Moscow, June 23, 2014 – Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) presented the INVEST IN RUSSIA information portal (investinrussia.com) to attract both domestic and foreign direct investment into the Russian regions. The resource was launched as part of the Center for Investment’s promotion to attract investment into the Russian regions, which was established by RDIF in 2013. 
The portal contains various industry, country and regional statistical and analytical data and promotes establishment of efficient cooperation between regions, regional agencies, businesses and investors. It also provides investors with a database of potential development sites where production assets could be located, and includes data on the investment opportunities in each region. 
The information available on the website is useful for the regions as well. Using INVEST IN RUSSIA, the regional authorities and development institutions may share successful experiences of investor relations and get best practice advice from investment experts. The resource also contains detailed data regarding the success stories of multiple foreign investors conducting business in Russia.
Key federal and regional ministries, other authorities and development institutes as well as global consultants were involved in the development of the resource. Their combined insight and expertise enabled RDIF to build a comprehensive package of information, all in one place, which is essential for making key investment decisions.
The portal has the following key sections:
WHY RUSSIA: general data on Russia and regional contact information. 
WHERE TO INVEST: regional comparison against statistical indicators significant for potential investors including geography, demographics and economics. Information regarding regions and their prominent industries and data on implemented projects. 
KNOWLEDGE HUB&NEWS: analytical data for industry, country and region provided by leading global financial institutions, industry experts and consulting companies. 
THEY CHOOSE RUSSIA – Success stories of foreign investors already operating in Russia. Map of completed investments by sectors and regions. Profiles of largest investors in Russia. 
INVESTMENT ANNOUNCEMENT - Regularly updated listings of publicly announced foreign investors’ intentions to invest in Russia.
PROJECT DATABASE – Database of relevant projects presented following best practices adopted in the international investment community. 
SITE SELECTION TOOLS – Tools to find, compare and select sites where potential investors could locate production assets. 
Kirill Dmitriev, CEO of RDIF, said:
“We are delighted to launch the INVEST IN RUSSIA portal which has already received positive reviews from leading foreign investors in Russia. We are confident that this resource will become an indispensable tool for foreign companies wanting to come to Russia or strengthen their existing position in the local market. Thanks to the data collected, investors will receive detailed and accurate information about the availability of sites, potential benefits and existing projects, as well as the opportunity to learn from the experiences of other companies that have already built a successful business in Russia.”
Peter Vullinghs, CEO of Philips Russia& CIS, said:
“To many foreign investors Russia is a vast territory with unlocked potential. This project is a very useful database and quite a sophisticated tool that will help many investors all around the globe to find best opportunities in the 6th largest world economy. I fully support RDIF initiative, as being really best experts in the sphere, they have already made a tremendous work to inform foreigners regarding the investment climate in Russia. I wish INVEST IN RUSSIA all the success and hope they will soon become the main gateway for foreign companies to start business in Russia.”
Maurizio Patarnello, CEO of Nestlé in Russia – Eurasia, said:
“In the era of digital technologies such online platform becomes essential. I am confident that INVEST IN RUSSIA portal will make Russia more accessible, transparent and understandable for investors from all over the world. I wish success to RDIF team of professionals in the project implementation!”
Alexander Ivlev, EY Country Managing Partner for Russia, said:
“Information means a lot for business. When a company makes an investment decision it does not use only international ratings – it always looks for the business insight and economic features which can show if any particular market can fit the goals set by the management. Russia has managed to improve its business environment and positions in international ratings but, unfortunately, the global business is not always aware of the opportunities and success stories of our market. INVEST IN RUSSIA is a comfortable platform for an investor to get business insights from investors who already work in Russia and to understand how to enter the market. It aggregates information about Russian economy, its regions and helps to compare pros and cons for all industries. It’s good to say that now Russia has a very efficient and useful investor tool which may strengthen the existing advantages of the local market and attract foreign investors.”
David Gray, Managing Partner of PwC Russia, said:
“We certainly believe that INVEST IN RUSSIA platform will help drive foreign investment into Russia. It is an indispensable source of information for those international investors who have not come here yet, those interested to learn more about opportunities existing across Russia. We wish the Russian Direct Investment Fund success with their projects and investments.”
Daniel Jacobowitz, Co-Head of Investment Banking Coverage & Advisory of Deutsche Bank in Russia, said:
“One of the main obstacles in Russian regions getting foreign investments has been the lack of accurate and timely information on projects and even right contacts - I think the INVEST IN RUSSIA website has the potential to address this gap and put together investors with new projects.” 
David Owen, Managing Partner of Deloitte CIS, said:
“There is nothing that provides more insight into a new regional market than by paying a visit. The INVEST IN RUSSIA platform is as close to a personal visit as any virtual tool can get. As an investor looking at real economy opportunities in Russia you do not only get access to fundamental and important up-to-date information. You also get to actively engage in a dialogue about real projects, success stories and the progress the country and regions make. It is a great chance to become part of the community before you even arrive.”
Peter Elam Håkansson, Chairman of East Capital Group, said:
“INVEST IN RUSSIA - site is easy to navigate which makes accessing all the information simple. It provides a good overview of the Russia and the investment opportunities. I am a big fan of maps and especially like the interactive map that allows you to compare regions across all of Russia. Very interesting project indeed.”
Tomasz Telma, Director for Europe and Central Asia of IFC, said:
“To ensure sustainable development of Russia's economy, it is critical for investment to reach the country's regions. Therefore, investing in the regions is the key priority of IFC's strategy in Russia and we are proud to have strong partners such as RDIF working with us. I think the INVEST IN RUSSIA website is an excellent tool for both investors and regional companies.”
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Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) was established in 2011 to make equity co-investments primarily in Russia alongside reputable international financial and strategic investors. Based in Moscow, RDIF’s management company is a 100% subsidiary of Vnesheconombank. Further information at rdif.ru.
Center to attract investment into the Russian regions involves collecting data on attractive regional projects available for foreign investors. Using best global practices and RDIF experience of cooperation with foreign partners, the Center will support implementation of the standardized approach to the presentation of investment information, prioritization of investment projects and search for foreign co-investors.
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