An innovative company engaged in the development and implementation of a breakthrough concept of a high-speed transportation system that allows passengers and freight to move at a speed of up to 750 mph in special capsules through low-pressure tubes.

RDIF provided financing to the Company in two investment rounds in 2016 in cooperation with leading international financial and strategic investors — DP World, Sherpa Ventures, Formation8, ZhenFund, Caspian Venture Partners, 137 Ventures, Khosla Ventures, Fast Digital, Western Technology Investment, GE Ventures, and SNCF (a French railway company). Investments were aimed at completing the construction of a full-fledged test track and further testing of the prototype.

Key facts

  • The Hyperloop concept involves high-speed transportation of passengers and freight at low capital and operating costs and a high level of safety and environmental efficiency.
  • The company’s success would lead to a large-scale technological modernization of the logistics sector, transport infrastructure and engineering.
  • RDIF is a strategic partner of the company in the joint development of Russia's transport infrastructure using Hyperloop technologies.
  • Year of Investment: 2016.

Investment strategy

Development of infrastructure, including logistics
Improvement in industrial efficiency