RDIF’s CEO has been appointed to represent Russia at the BRICS Business Council launched to foster multilateral investment among BRICS countries.

RDIF’s CEO represents Russia at the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC). Set up to drive global growth and stability of APEC economies.

CEO of RDIF has been appointed Chairman of the Consultative Committee of Entrepreneurs of the Intergovernmental Russia-China Commission. On the Chinese side, this post was taken by Chairman and CEO of China Investment Corporation (CIC), the company which partnered with RDIF on the creation of Russia-China Investment Fund (RCIF).

Each year as part of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum RDIF organizes a panel discussion dedicated to investment opportunities in Russia, as well as a traditional meeting between the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the leaders of the global investment community. RDIF is also a significant contributor to the World Economic Forum in Davos actively participating in key sessions and hosting own events focused on Russia.

RDIF led B20 “Investments and infrastructure” taskforce in 2013, the year of Russian G20 and B20 Presidency. As Turkey has taken over the G20 Presidency in 2015, Kirill Dmitriev, the CEO of RDIF has again been asked to become the Co-Chair of B20 Investments and Infrastructure Taskforce. RDIF is also in active discussion with a range of governmental organizations in Russia on measures to facilitate investment in infrastructure.

RDIF has launched the Centre to attract foreign investment into the Russian regions. The Centre was created to gather information on doing business in Russia, as well as the specifiс investment opportunities available across the regions of Russia.

RDIF is representing Russia at the International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds (IFSWF) – an organisation that brings together the world’s leading sovereign wealth funds and government-run pension funds.

The members cooperate on issues concerning global financial stability, prospects and potential challenges of managing state assets, and possible steps to increase business transparency and to adhere to the Santiago Principles.

RDIF cofounded Co-investment Roundtable of Sovereign and Pension Funds (CROSAPF). The organisation brings together 31 fund with around $7 trillion under management from 17 countries.

The BRICS members have supported an initiative by RDIF to set up a joint mechanism for equity investments in infrastructure projects in BRICS countries. RDIF, India’s IDFC group, Brazil’s BTG Pactual, China’s Silk Road Fund, and the Development Bank of Southern Africa signed a framework agreement in 2015 at the BRICS summit in Ufa (Russia). This initiative was also supported by the BRICS Business Council.

RDIF and its international partners jointly support the Russian Falcon Center, a part of The Research Institute “Ecology.” This is a contribution to sustainable development and environmental activities and also develops intercultural communications between Russia and its partner countries.